The Loud and Proud Choir, Dorking ready for a performance

Photo Gallery

The choir has performanced at a number of places from and here are some photos of where we have been.

Teas on the Lawn, St John's North Holmwood

St Catherine's Hospice December 2017

Gala Night December 2016

Gala Night 2016 singing in Waitrose

St Catherine's Hospice December 2016

Neighbours' Day 2016

Choiroke 2015, Dorking:

On stage performing our numbers


Choiroke 2014, Dorking:

On stage performing our numbers

Singing with all the other choirs

Choir photo before Choiroke 2014

Dorking Gala Night 2013:

Singing outside - at least it did not rain this year!

Choiroke 2013, Crawley:


Singing with the other choirs:

Dorking Halls Choiroke 2012:

In March 2012 we sang in the Choiroke event at Dorking Halls with a number of other choirs who were also performing.

Before the event:


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